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Returning with Grayer to the apartment one day, Nan learns that she is going to Mr. X's office Halloween party with the family. Nan and Grayer will both be wearing Teletubby costumes, much to Nan's dismay. X have matching custom-made costumes that cost more than four thousand dollars, but he arrives too late to change clothes. Nan runs into the Harvard Hottie leaving the building, and he apologizes for the other night and convinces her to meet him later. At the party, Nan watches her charge at the children's activity area, and Mrs.

X commiserates with another mother about nannies who demand too much and do too little. Grayer soon needs to go to the bathroom. The line for the public bathroom is long, so Grayer leads Nan to his father's office, which has its own bathroom. He opens the door to find his father alone with the woman from Chicago who had done the seating arrangements for the party.

This woman, dubbed Ms. Chicago, is wearing a skimpy costume. A little drunk from the party, Nan changes clothes and looks for H. X could not attend because she had so much shopping to do. Grayer carefully carries the ornament he has made, a snowman he calls Al. Because the family Christmas tree is already up, Grayer puts his new creation on the tree. X tells them to get the rest of their ornaments in the basement storage unit.

Grayer is upset when they return because Julio, a professional Christmas tree decorator, is putting the decorations up, and he wants neither Grayer's help nor his ornament on the tree. X dismisses Nan's suggestion that Grayer get his own small tree, so Nan takes him to her grandmother's house.

Grayer gets to hang Al on a tree that Grandma bought just for him. Grandma also introduces Grayer to the concept of wassailing: "All you do is knock on someone's door, someone you want to share the joy of Christmas with, and when they open it you sing your heart out. Apparently through some conniving on Ms. Chicago's part, Mrs. X, Nan, and Grayer show up at Mr. X's office for the Christmas party on the wrong day. X and Ms.

Chicago meet for the first time, and the encounter makes observers anxious. The next day, Grayer wants to wassail. Hoping to get a date, Nan takes Grayer to wassail at H. He is duly charmed. She later runs into H. After spending time carefully choosing gifts for Mrs. X and Grayer, Nan helps both of the Xes with various gifts. Nan expects to receive a bonus from Mrs. Instead she receives only earmuffs, a present that insults her. As the X family is on vacation over the holidays, Nan spends time with her family. At her grandmother's New Year 's Eve party, Nan complains about the situation in the X home, a subject her family and friends are tired of hearing about.

Her mother thinks Nan should confront Mrs. X, but Nan does not see confrontation as an option. After the party, she is thrilled to have a message from H. Because Mr. X is cutting his vacation short for work, Mrs. X wants to return home and for Nan to come back to work early. Nan lies and says she is going to Paris and cannot start for two more weeks. X asks her to go to the family apartment and fill the humidifiers the next day.

She finds Ms. Chicago setting for up an intimate dinner with Mr.

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Chicago tries to get Nan to run an errand for her, but Nan refuses. Chicago threatens to leave behind a pair of panties to let Mrs. X know another woman had been there. Nan feels bad about the situation, so she enlists her friends to search the Xes' apartment for the panties. They do not find them. Nan soon returns to work, while Mrs.

X spends a week at a spa. Nan has been spending the night in the guest room since her return because Grayer has been sick with an ear infection and a bad cough, and his father is nowhere to be found. Worried about his illness late one night, she calls her mother for advice. He has the croup, and Nan's mother gives her advice on how to help him. His condition improves the next day, when Mrs. X returns. On the day before Valentine's Day, Nan is working on a paper for school when H. Their relationship has been developing by phone calls since he has returned to school in Boston.

Their conversation is repeatedly interrupted by calls from Mrs. X, who wants Nan to make an impossible dinner reservation at an exclusive restaurant for Mr. X on Valentine's Day. Although her mother and grandmother tell Nan that her job is becoming unacceptable, her grandmother helps her get a reservation.

On Valentine's Day, Nan is deeply moved by a special valentine Grayer has made for her.

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She takes him on a special outing. Later, at the Xes' apartment, Nan helps Mrs. X pick out what she will wear for her date with her husband. While Nan feeds and plays with Grayer, Mrs. X waits for Mr.

Developing as a Professional

X, who is quite late. He eventually calls and lies that his plane is snowed in in Chicago. When Nan leaves for the night, she hears Mrs. X crying. A month later, Nan waits for Grayer at his nursery school , but he never emerges.

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However, another boy, Darwin, and his nanny, Sima, approach Nan because Darwin has a play date scheduled with Grayer. Nan leads them to the Xes' apartment, where Grayer is still in his pajamas. He has been cared for by the housekeeper, Connie, for several days. X has not been home since Valentine's Day, and he missed a family vacation, though Mrs. X pretends to Nan that everything is fine with Mr. X asks Nan to start coming in the morning to get Grayer ready for school. Nan and Sima take the boys to play at Play Space. Sima reveals that she was an engineer in El Salvador , but that she has worked for a nanny in New York for two years while her husband has cared for their children back home.

For the next week, Nan gets to the Xes' apartment in the morning to get Grayer ready and take him to school. She does not see Mrs. X until one afternoon when she has to take Grayer home to change before a lesson. X informs Nan in grave tones that Grayer was not accepted to Collegiate, the elementary school his parents hoped he would attend.

Because Grayer has been attached to a Collegiate sweatshirt for several months, his mother hires a consultant to help the family deal with how Grayer will react to this potential blow to his self-esteem. In an interview for a job as a teacher starting the next fall, Nan experiences the other end of the spectrum in approaches to child rearing. Giving a mock lesson at Communities Against Conflict, the adults behave like unruly children and insist on everyone expressing every feeling.

They tell her that they are not hiring white women right now. A few days later, Mr. X returns to the apartment, in a meeting Nanny arranged with his assistant, to tell Grayer about his not being accepted at Collegiate and to inform him that he will attend St. Grayer is thrilled to see his dad and wants to play with him.

X get into a fight after it becomes clear that Grayer does not really care about the schools and his sweatshirt, and that Mrs. X used the situation to get Mr. X home. X storms out of the house, leaving Grayer crying and Mrs. X seething. While Nan is dressing Grayer for a tea at his new school, Mrs.

X is having Connie pack up Mr. X's clothes. X yells at Connie because Mrs. X cannot find one of Grayer's bowties. X fires Connie on the spot. After Mrs. X and Grayer leave, Nan learns that Connie worked for Mr. X before he married Mrs. X and hears about Grayer's previous caretakers, all of whom were fired by Mrs. Connie calls Mrs. X "pure evil. Chicago's panties and hidden them. On another day, Nan takes Grayer to another problematic play date. Playing with Carter gets out of hand when Carter's mother, an intoxicated former beauty queen, takes charge and makes mayhem. The boys have a great time, but Carter's nanny, dismayed, treats his mother like a naughty child.

Returning to the Xes' home, Nan and Grayer meet Maria, the new maid. Nan runs into H. From H. X was Mr. X's mistress when he was married to his first wife. The next day with Grayer is trying as the boy is tired. Nan is also stressed because she has a night class that starts soon and Mrs. X is late. X arrives five minutes before the class starts, and Nan rushes to leave. In the mail a few days later, Nan receives a letter from Mrs. X about Nan's lack of attention to certain details from that night. Nan also receives a note with hundreds of dollars in cash from Ms.

Chicago, asking Nan to stock certain foods at the Xes' home. With her friends, Nan shares her distress over what she should do. Her friends think she should quit her job, but Nan does not want to abandon Grayer. They decide that Nan should send the money back to Ms. Chicago, and she plans to do so after turning in her senior thesis.

She spends a long, stressful weekend writing the thesis, and her printer fails ninety minutes before the paper is due. Nan then convinces the computer center employees at New York University to allow her to print it out there, though she does not have the right identification. After catching up on some sleep, Nan's peaceful relaxation is interrupted by the memory that, seven months earlier, she had agreed go with the Xes on a vacation to Nantucket.

She also realizes that she has lost the envelope for Ms. Chicago, and now owes her the eight hundred dollars it contained. After taking Grayer to a birthday party, Nan returns to the Xes' apartment, where Mrs. X is packing Mr. X's clothes for their trip to Nantucket. Nan learns they are planning to leave the same day as her college graduation, and she has to negotiate with Mrs. X so she can attend the ceremony. A few days later, Mrs. X is again late when Nan needs to leave to defend her thesis, then delays Nanny further by insisting that they discuss her hours and pay right then. X is annoyed that Nan seems to have some other concern at that moment, but she does pay her for the first time in five weeks.

At her apartment, Nanny is relaxing, trying to imagine quitting her job, and looking forward to a telephone date with H. Her roommate comes in with her boyfriend and tells her that he is moving in soon, so Nan must find a new place to live. A few days later, at her graduation party at her grandmother's home, her family meets and approves of H.

He talks about his plan to work in Amsterdam during the coming summer. She is leaving for Nantucket the next morning. At the Nantucket rental house, Nan has to share a room with Grayer. As soon as she arrives, she also has to entertain and feed twelve children while their parents go to a beach party for the day.

A few days later, Nan goes to a casual party at the the Xes' friends the Horners' with the Xes and Grayer. The hosts treat Nan like a guest. Jack Horner asks Nan about herself and Nan tells them of her recent graduation. Later, Mrs. X comments, "I'm not sure if it's appropriate for you to monopolize the dinner conversation. Just something I'd like you to be a little more aware of from now on. The situation grows worse as Nan tires from constantly caring for Grayer and the children of the Xes' friends.

The night before Mr.

X is to go back to New York to take care of business, the X family and Nanny eat at a local restaurant, where she overhears in the ladies room that Mrs. X has installed a nanny cam in Grayer's room. Nanny is outraged at the news that she's being surveilled.

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X ends up staying for at least another day. Nan gets a much needed break when the family goes on a bike ride, but the phone at the cabin rings constantly. She knows that it is Ms. Chicago, looking for Mr. The family is upset when they return home, with Mr. X threatening to leave again. The next day, Nan gets another break when the family goes to a dog breeder to pick out a puppy before Mr.

X leaves. Nan calls H. He urges her to just leave, but she insists she cannot. X's mother, Elizabeth X, is at the cabin when everyone returns. X had invited her the day before, and Elizabeth X insists that Mr. X stay. The new puppy is immediately banished to the garage.

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Nan overhears an angry exchange between Mr. Soon after falling asleep, Nan wakes up to find Grayer crying. Nan takes care of both the puppy and Grayer throughout the night and into the morning. The family is tense, as Mrs. X is demanding of Nan and the Xes are still fighting with each other. The family and Nan spend the day at the local yacht club watching Mr. X play in a tennis tournament. Nan entertains Grayer for most of the day as his parents ignore him. After leaving the club, the Xes and Nan go to a barbecue at the house of their friends, the Benningtons.

Nan stays out of the way and does not talk to guests as she watches Grayer. X's cell phone, which he has given Nan to hold, rings. It is Ms. Chicago, tearfully begging Nan for information. Nan advises her to get out of the relationship. All attention shifts to Grayer as he falls and hurts himself, then to Mr. X and another woman as they conspicuously rejoin the party together. After putting Grayer to bed that night, Nan tries to talk to Mr. They ignore her when she enters, and Mrs. X informs her husband that she is pregnant.

When Nan asks if she can leave a little early to look for a new place to live, Mrs. X fires her and tells her to leave right away. Nan is also to take the puppy with her. Nan worries about Grayer, recalling, "I can still hear him screaming for me. Arriving back in New York at in the morning, Nanny discovers that Mrs. X has paid her only five hundred dollars when she was owed closer to two thousand.

Nan takes a cab to the Xes' apartment. She finds that Mrs. X has been planning on replacing her since Nan asked to be allowed to attend her own graduation. Nan goes into Grayer's room, finds the nanny cam, and rewinds the tape. She first records a rant about the Xes' parenting skills and their poor treatment of her. After reflecting on what Grayer needs, Nan rewinds the tape again and tells them to get to know their son better now or risk losing him forever.

She takes the puppy to the park, throws the Xes' cell phone in the water, and heads home, pleased with herself for leaving with grace. Alexis is the volunteer receptionist at the Parents League, where Nanny posts her ad for a nanny position. Allison, the adopted Chinese daughter of a gay couple, is a girl from Grayer's class who comes over around Christmas for play date. Butters is Grayer's nursery school teacher. Blond, Australian Caitlin is the nanny that Nanny is hired to replace. Grayer was attached to Caitlin, who worked for the Xes for some time. X fires Caitlin because she wants too much vacation time.

Nanny learns from another nanny that Caitlin was trying to save money to visit her seriously ill sister at home. Charlene is Nanny's roommate. Charlene works as an airline stewardess and is often away from home. The Nanny Diaries was adapted as an abridged audio book by Random House in It is narrated by Julia Roberts. As of , a film version of The Nanny Diaries was being produced. The novel was adapted for the screen, and Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini directed the film. X, and Paul Giamatti as Mr. Chicago is the managing director of the Chicago office of Mr.

X's company. She is first seen when she comes to the Xes' apartment to do the seating arrangement for the company dinner party. Nanny and Grayer later catch her in an intimate moment with Mr. X in his office during the company Halloween party. The affair Ms. Chicago and Mr. X are having threatens to break up the Xes' marriage and puts Nanny in an awkward position several times. Connie is the X family housekeeper. She worked for Mr. X long before he was married to the current Mrs. X fires her when Connie cannot find a specific bowtie of Grayer's.

Dylan works at New York University's main computer center and reluctantly helps Nan print out her thesis. Prior to her work in Red Wing, Minnesota, Sara worked as a family therapist and taught adult education classes in personality styles, communication and relationship skills. She has two years experience as a nanny.

She meets regularly with Minnesota child care instructors to develop curriculum and to promote the credentialing of child care providers. She also coordinates a school-age program in Red Wing in which children and senior citizens discuss the events of this century. Prior to her joining the higher education career field, Angela taught elementary school for Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, Kentucky for nearly 10 years. Most recently she began a company, Personalized Educational Adventures, LLC where she plans and facilitates learning beyond the classroom for children and young adults.

Colker, Laura J. Washington, D. McCormack-Hoffman, Sara. Delmar Publishers. To order online: www. To adequately prepare for the Exam, please use these resources to review best practices while caring and teaching young children. Focus on all 10 of the assessment areas mentioned on page 2 of this application form. About the Authors. Child care is not, of course, organic chemistry. So what does that mean?

Basically, said a spokesman, it means that the finances of the business are such that a student can get his or her money back if the place suddenly folds. Obtaining a license also requires licensed teachers, a curriculum reviewed by an expert in the field, catalog and enrollment agreements that comply with state education laws and regulations, and a facility appropriate for instruction that meets fire and occupancy codes. View all New York Times newsletters.

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Presumably that means it is also a career that is vital to the future work force, the children all those nannies are influencing. Ideally, we could hit on a way to offer child care providers that same dignity without asking that they buy it at a very high price. The Big City column on Tuesday, about the Absolute Best Care Learning Center, a child care placement agency in Manhattan that offers a state-licensed course for nannies, included an incomplete description from a spokesman for the State Department of Education for the requirements met by the course.

Along with a guarantee that the business has adequate finances to cover student refunds if the business folds, a state license also requires licensed teachers, a curriculum reviewed by an expert in the field, catalog and enrollment agreements that comply with state education laws and regulations, and a facility appropriate for instruction that meets fire and occupancy codes.

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