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Our corporate partners have joined forces with the leading authority on sexual violence to build safer communities for their customers, employees, and all of us. More of your contribution goes to survivors instead of taxes when you donate stocks, mutual funds and bonds to RAINN. Show you care for a friend, mentor or loved one and support survivors by donating in their honor. Designate a portion of your paycheck to support survivors and ask if your workplace will match your gift.

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Thank you! Together we can help survivors today and every day. RAINN is a c 3 tax-exempt organization. In other words, we are a non-profit organization, and your donation to RAINN is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Sexual Assault: A survivors story

Our tax ID number is: You can cancel or modify or cancel your monthly donation at any time. If you would like to make a change to your monthly donation or update your personal information, please email development rainn. You can make a donation over the phone Monday through Friday between the hours of 10 a. To do so, please call Learn More. As a professional authority on incest and one of the few writers whom Carol Tavris cites with respect "Beware the Incest-Survivor Machine," Jan.

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I also wish to affirm my solidarity with the grass-roots women in the incest-survivor movement: the social workers, popular authors and victim advocates for whom Ms. Tavris displays such contempt. Self-help books make an easy target because they try to reduce complex issues to simple language.


They often contain errors, exaggerations and just plain sloppy thinking. However, they also serve a valuable social purpose. They reach millions of people who feel isolated and ashamed, bringing them words of compassion and understanding.

A New Legacy For Incest Survivors

Books on incest are so popular because there are so many victims. The best research data indicate that between 25 and 38 percent of girls are sexually abused, usually by men they trust.

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Very few child victims under 10 percent disclose the abuse at the time it occurs. Most, intimidated into silence, reach adult life still bearing their secrets. Books like "The Courage to Heal" inspire many survivors to speak out for the first time. Tavris exhorts survivors to stop whining, to stop blaming other people for every little problem, to get out and do something useful.