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This allows us to cover in a very special way, some of the most important West Highland White Terrier training skills like…. No other web site or book author has access to our secret training techniques. No one else has our experts.

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Have a look at what some more of our customers said about our training course…. If you wanted to hire a professional trainer to train your West Highland White Terrier, what would it cost you? Plus, professional trainers will only train your West Highland White Terrier — they will not tell YOU any of their professional secrets. Your only option would be to call the trainer yet again and pay him or her even more money…. But, with our training course, you will never need to call a professional trainer — our training course will teach YOU the techniques and secrets everything that a professional West Highland White Terrier trainer knows!

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If the coat is left natural it tends to grow longer and is shaggy in texture. The coat is always white. Overall the Westie is a striking looking dog with a feisty attitude. The Westie is bold, independent, friendly and devoted but in an instant can become irritated and snappy especially if they are teased or provoked.

They are good with older children but do not often tolerate toddlers which become rough with them. They will accept other pets but sometimes this takes a little training as they can also be very dominant if they have been allowed to, and with so many people seeing these as toy dogs which they are not, this dominance and sometimes aggression is becoming a more common problem.

Remember this is a working dog, bred to hunt very independently down holes and to kill when it finds its catch. This dog can be quite tolerant of being left alone as long as it has had plenty of exercise and its meal, often they will be happy spend the day snoozing.

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  7. Access to the garden should be organised if the dog has to be left for long periods. These dogs do need early socialising and training. The Westie can be a challenge to train because of their independent nature so they are not generally suitable for novice dog owners. Any potential owner must be aware that the Westie does not enjoy being cuddled or fussed excessively and is definitely not a lap dog.

    This is also not a dog for apartment dwellers.

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    The West Highland White Terrier would be a perfect companion for an active, fun loving family with older children and with at least one member of the family to have a good knowledge of dog training. Free Email Tips. Privacy Policy We respect your privacy. Hot Products. Doberman Owner's Guide. Border Collie Owner's Guide.