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Directed by Erik Leijonborg, Lasse, Oskar and Jonna are horrified to discover the stipulations in their mother's will. Oskar's secret threatens to resurface as divers searching for a shipwreck return with news of a gruesome discovery. Jonna's lead role in a local theater production is overshadowed by news of a potential new neighbor. Most importantly Cyrus's.

Because they were all victims of a person addicted to drugs. Which was what the author tried to convey the whole book. I believe the author's own experiences took over in the writing of this book, and she portrayed her pain in the main character, CeCelia. Which made a very open story on drug addiction and portrayed it from a person who had dealt with it for years from the very person closest to her, her brother.

I highly recommend reading this book! The writing is a dream and the story is one of a kind. Jun 23, Paige Illegal in 3 Countries rated it liked it Shelves: arc. See more of my reviews on The YA Kitten! Thicker Than Water tapped into something very personal to me and made me realize how I could have been CeCe if I lived in a different situation.

No doubt whatsoever about that. Up until the ending, it revels in handling its difficult characters and situation with care. Instead, he relies on smoking marijuana daily to cope with the pain. The smell of the drug makes me feel nauseated just from the smell, but it could be so, so much worse. What disappointed me most was the ending. We know from the very beginning that CeCe claims she killed her brother, which is meant to make readers wonder if she directly, intentionally did so or if she just feels guilty for doing so indirectly.

Had the punches been fully thrown instead of pulled at the last second, the powerful nature of Thicker Than Water would have carried through to the end instead of dissolving with that one final twist. Would I read more from Fiore? You want this? Go for it. Aug 29, Christy rated it really liked it. This review was originally posted on Novel Ink I have been so excited to read this book. If not, let me provide it for you: Cecelia Price killed her brother.

Things like drugs, jail and This review was originally posted on Novel Ink I have been so excited to read this book. Jul 13, Kelly Hager rated it it was amazing. No offense to the others. Those are just incredibly fun, sweet, fast reads and this one broke my heart.

CeCe carries around a lot of guilt for her brother Cy's death and as a result, she doesn't do that much work to participate in her own defense. We learn the exact circumstances of his death toward the end of the book, but we know that whatever it is, her involvement was enough to land her in legal troubl I've loved Kelly Fiore's books since I read Taste Test, and this is easily her best one.

We learn the exact circumstances of his death toward the end of the book, but we know that whatever it is, her involvement was enough to land her in legal trouble. This book absolutely gutted me. It's so easy to feel guilty for things that aren't your fault, but what CeCe was feeling Highly, highly recommended. View 2 comments. Dec 14, Trisha rated it liked it. This was a very good but very tough book to read. I feel like there isn't a person out there that hasn't had their life affected by addiction. For me, I remember the friends in high school on the 'meth' diet to stay so so thin.

I remember the hushed conversations about parents that drank too much. I remember the O. The drunk driving accident. So this book is something that I think can reach everyone. It just hits a nerve we all instinctively have and is just tough enough to make reading it not 1 This was a very good but very tough book to read.

But it's an interesting story and a very scary, real, well done look at a family with an addict where some members don't want to face it and some know all too well the violence, frustration and anger that is living with an addict. Nov 12, Dahlia rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-early-version , releases , harper , i-own-arc , i-own-in-hardcopy.

I beta read this one quite a while ago, and I can't wait to read it again. It completely knocked me on my ass, and was so unexpectedly dark after the author's first two books, but also seriously freaking great. Dec 24, Kelly Gunderman rated it really liked it Shelves: arc. Check out this and other reviews on my young adult book blog, Here's to Happy Endings! When I picked up this book, I wasn't really sure what I was expecting. I knew it was about a girl who was in trouble with the law for the death of her brother.

I knew it was about addiction. I knew it was about a family that had been torn apart. But what I didn't expect was such a gut-wrenching, emotional reading experience. Thicker Than Water is haunting and heartbreaking - and it shows off the pains of bein Check out this and other reviews on my young adult book blog, Here's to Happy Endings! Thicker Than Water is haunting and heartbreaking - and it shows off the pains of being left in the dust of a family member who is suffering from addiction.

Cecelia is in a behavioral correction facility where she undergoes group therapies, individual therapies, and tries to get herself ready for her hearing. After being in county lockup, she is lucky for this chance. While she finds cooperating with her public defender, Jennifer, a little difficult she wants to keep to herself , and she rarely shares anything in group, she's lost in her grief, pain, and the situation that landed her in the facility. Cecelia, or CeCe, believes she is responsible for the death of her brother, Cyrus, and told authorities that she had killed him.

So while Jennifer is working to try and prove that CeCe hadn't actually been the one to kill her brother, CeCe is adamant that she deserves to be punished for what she did. Thicker Than Water tells the story of Cecelia before and after the death of her brother. There are chapters of the present day, with CeCe getting ready for her hearing and in Piedmont Behavioral, and then there are chapters told a few months prior to Cyrus's death - when he began getting addicted to OxyContin, and the aftermath of his addiction.

The chapters alternate Getting attached to CeCe was easy, as her character was so well written and it was hard not to feel sorry for her as you read her story about her brother's harrowing drug addiction, and what it did to their family.

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Having already lost her mother to breast cancer a few years earlier, CeCe had to watcher another family member that she loved disappear right in front of her - only by something that could have easily been prevented. When Cyrus starts stealing money to pay for his doctor visits for more pills, CeCe does the only thing she knows she can do to help keep the family afloat - she starts stealing small amounts, and then larger amounts, of his medications, and selling them to save up for bills and her college education.

If you've witnessed addiction in your family or with friends, than you will easily relate to the emotions and problems that CeCe and her family face, and how difficult it was for her to sit back and watch her brother slowly destroy not only himself, but all of them. I think this is one of those books that absolutely should be picked up at some point. Thicker Than Water is a powerful, moving novel that you won't soon forget.

Note: I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Jan 06, Hannah fullybookedreviews rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary-fic. This is a book about a series of bad decisions. Bad decisions that end up in a downwards spiral towards tragedy. But it was a well-written read nevertheless, taking a look at family relationships, drug addition and teen rehabilitation.

Regret forces us to relive the moments we hate the most — the moments that drove us into spiralling downfalls, the moments where we stopped living and started surviving. The book also showcases how addiction can so completely transform someone you know into someone unrecognisable. And quite apart from the drug aspect, we get insight into rather screwed up family dynamics — a talented elder child around whom the family is centered, a mother who dies of illness, a step-mother who is only distantly involved, a father who refuses to see anything wrong, and the tensions and problems that money shortages bring.

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ARC received from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. Quotes taken from uncorrected proof and may differ from final publication. Nov 21, Inah The Bibliophile Confessions rated it really liked it Shelves: young-adult , ng-ew-challenge , releases. For some reason, I was stuck in a rut while reading this book. While I did enjoy reading it, it's full of dark themes which made me put down the book countless of times not because I don't like it, but it really made me feel heavy. The book tells about the story of Cecelia Price or CeCe, and how her life drastically changed because of her brother, Cyrus.

From a straight A student, Cece learned how to deal drugs to help her family. I would say that this book was a tragic story. CeCe had so much pot For some reason, I was stuck in a rut while reading this book. CeCe had so much potential in her to have just fallen into drug-dealing. The consequences of her actions had affected her greatly. But I couldn't really blame her for that.

See, this was a great book that not only dealt about drug abuse, it also greatly dealt with family relationships and friendship and it was beautifully written. The story was so raw and real, I could feel the emotions coming off the pages. Overall, the book had an impact on me. I loved the way the story was written and told in an alternating timeline. It added depth to the story and character developments.

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It's a really good book which dealt with drug addiction and loss. It may be triggering for some, but I definitely recommend it. Aug 14, Lisa lifeinlit rated it really liked it Shelves: e-arc , , print-arc. Going into Thicker Than Water I had no idea what to expect. I hadn't read the synopsis in many months and basically went into this blind.

After working in that field for over 14 years, I'm consistently drawn into stories that address the legal side, including court appearances, trials, even the criminal activity and treatment thereof. It's a topic that I'm always interested in, so I was happy to get that vibe from the first chapter. CeCe and her bother, Cyrus, used to be extremely close.

As a successful soccer star in their high school, he had dreams of being huge This injury also lands him in the care of a doctor who treats his injury with pain killers Thicker Than Water is told through the point of view of CeCe. But what makes this book even better is the fact that the chapters switch back and forth between the present day, when CeCe is in treatment after her arrest, and the past few months before everything in her life changed.

The back and forth was one of the best I've seen. It was flawless and added a whole new level to this otherwise extremely depressing and heartbreaking story. He could forget being hurt in favor of being happy. Seeing characters going through such a difficult issue, such as drug abuse, was definitely eye-opening and hard to stomach.

The way they feel within themselves, the way they affect the lives of everyone around them, and the way their behavior makes waves in the lives of everyone around them is so heartbreaking. Drug abuse is a topic that's extremely difficult for me to read, as it breaks my heart to watch anyone, fictional or otherwise, go through such a life-changing illness.

This story was no different, given how real it felt and how accurate the lives of these characters was portrayed. Thanks to HarperTeen for the review copy! Find this review and others like it at Lost in Literature! May 26, Katie rated it it was amazing. This was a book that was dark and had morally complex characters. It was a book that made it easy to root for a character even when she did things that were wrong and even illegal.

It dealt with tough issues of addiction to and use of prescription drugs. There were complex relationships between family members. Nothing in this book was just easy and simple. I also liked how this book alternated past and present timelines so that the full story unraveled throughout the book. CeCe is in behavioral This was a book that was dark and had morally complex characters.

CeCe is in behavioral therapy at a juvenile center awaiting a hearing to see if she will be convicted or acquitted for being responsible for her brother's death. She blames herself for his death, but is she really fully responsible? If one gave someone the weapon that killed them, is that person responsible for the death that follows? The book deals with these tough questions. Because they really are tough questions.

I'm not fully sure what my opinion is on the answers to these questions. But I do feel that CeCe was not fully responsible for her brother's death. She is not blame-free though. She made bad choices. Illegal choices, in fact. She got wrapped up in something that wasn't good for her because she thought it would help her make some money. It was hard to watch her make choices that I knew would come back and hurt her later.

Cyrus, CeCe's brother, was a drug addict. It was hard to see his downward spiral, and to watch CeCe try to tell her dad while he lived in denial. It showed how tough it would be to have a family member succumbing to drug addiction and feel almost helpless to do anything about it.

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When Cy got clean, it was sad, because as the reader, I already knew he was going to end up dead, so that wasn't going to last. There is a small romance, but it is not a big part of the story. It is sweet, though, and the boy is good for CeCe, since he really cares about her and wants her to be better. He's in the same juvenile facility, so he has things in his past too, but he really seems to be a genuinely good guy.

If you like dark YA contemporary, read this book. Jan 10, Krystianna rated it liked it. Over the past year or so, I have been absolutely loving contemporary novels. That's what really attracted me to the story of Thicker Than Water, though it was a dark contemporary, which made me love it even more. Nov 28, Katy Upperman added it Shelves: young-adult.

This one was high on my most-anticipated of list, and it did not disappoint. It's a story of addiction and the toll it takes on an already floundering family. He used to be CeCe's hero, but now he's something of a tragedy -- lying and manipulating, abusing CeCe, stealing from their father, disappearing for long stretches of time. Money's tight in the Price household and, thanks to an unfortunate b This one was high on my most-anticipated of list, and it did not disappoint. Money's tight in the Price household and, thanks to an unfortunate but seemingly unavoidable series of events, CeCe begins dealing pills she's filched from her brother.

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Cyrus ends up dead and CeCe's accused of his murder and this story I have experience with an addicted family member, and Kelly Fiore's narrative hit hard. CeCe is easy to relate to even if you haven't encountered addiction first hand, I think , and even while she stands trial for killing her brother, she's incredibly sympathetic. I haven't read anything quite like Thicker Than Water before, and its authenticity impressed me.

Definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of dark, hard-hitting YA. Jun 05, Nsantis rated it really liked it. This book was very intriguing from the start because it talked about how everyone thought Cecelia Price was responsible for killing her brother, Cyrus, but that wasn't the case. Although she blamed herself, little hints are dropped throughout the book that prove she did not actually murder him. I did not like how the chapters were all mixed up going from present day and then back two or three months.

For instance, I think that the chapter that talks about the day Cyrus died should have been plac This book was very intriguing from the start because it talked about how everyone thought Cecelia Price was responsible for killing her brother, Cyrus, but that wasn't the case. For instance, I think that the chapter that talks about the day Cyrus died should have been placed way earlier in the book to help the reader understand what actually happened.

Even though not knowing how he died made me keep wondering and reading it was more confusing than anything else. While Cecelia awaits her trial day, she is placed in Behavioral Therapy where she learns to let people in and gets comfortable with sharing her feelings. I think that even though she didn't really deserve to be there for supposedly killing Cyrus, it still changed her and made her a better person. Some of the parts when she was in BT were kind of boring because they got repetitive.

For example, there are many times where everyone meets and they're all questioned about things like what they did, if they regret it, etc. I found parts like these unnecessary because they happened about five to six times throughout the book and repeating them just seemed like a way to make the book longer. I think that when they proved she wasn't guilty for killing him it was done well and at the right time because if it had been said any earlier it wouldn't have made me want to keep reading.

I think that the author did a really good job with descriptive details and creating a very interesting plot though which is why I decided to rate it 4 out of 5 stars. Apr 15, Jeanie Phillips rated it liked it Shelves: kiddo. Compelling, gritty, and heart breaking. CeCe gets caught up in the spiral of her brother's OxyContin addiction and her family's denial and compromises her own future.

Readers of Ellen Hopkin's books will love this. Dec 14, Nuzaifa - Word Contessa rated it really liked it Shelves: physical-arc-owned , lookout. As appalling as these stats are, they are also very real. There's no denying that drug abuse is a prevalent issue among young adults so it is downright shocking to find out that very few YA books address drug and substance abuse. So then why is that very few YA books talk about drug abuse? Perhaps the sensitivity and importance of this issue means that authors fear that they might sound either overly preachy or dismissive of it?

This is definitely a valid fear because drug abuse is not something to be glorified, romanticized or used a mere plot device. Reading about difficult experiences and tough issues such as drug abuse when properly portrayed could give readers the power and knowledge required to reach out and get help to save a life. Kelly Fiore's Thicker Than Water is based not just on the effects of prescription drug abuse on the user but it's effects on their loved ones too. Narrated by CeCe, most of the story is focused on her time at a correctional facility in the days leading up to her trial.

Her life prior to her brother's death is shown in flashbacks that were integrated seamlessly with the present incidents. This is incredibly important because both novels highlight how addiction is not just harmful to the user but also to those around them. Or at least that's what CeCe tells us at the beginning of this story. But until the very end we are not told of the exact circumstance of his death. There's no question that CeCe is a flawed character who has faced so much loss and betrayal but not everything is as it seems because her guilt makes her somewhat of an unreliable narrator.

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She makes some questionable choices and nothing will justify her actions but I couldn't help but root for her. Initially she refuses to accept help at the correctional facility but slowly opens up and shows great development as a character. Her interactions with her roommate, psych evaluator, public defender, therapy group, father and her love interest, Tucker felt real.

Fiore's exquisite prose makes the reader feel everything CeCe did. Her guilt, resentment, anger, helplessness and inner struggles felt incredibly raw and I found myself utterly moved. Fiore does a brilliant job in portraying the relationship between the protagonist and her sibling and the dysfunctional familial relationships. Cyrus was not simply depicted as the addict instead, Fiore shows his other side through flashbacks. Most of the time, the absence of a good support system at home is the root cause of deaths related to substance abuse.

This was depicted well in Thicker Than Water where CeCe's father turning a blind eye resulted in enabling Cyrus's downward spiral. On the other hand, I found the romance in the novel to be problematic and completely unnecessary. Ultimately, Rytlock Brimstone backed my decision. As far as Tribune Brimstone and the Black Citadel are concerned, the matter is closed. Jump to: navigation , search.

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