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They create containment areas for painters to change into and out of their protective gear.

The forest territories

The areas also keep contaminants getting outside to the public, which are sometimes traveling just a few feet from the job site. That's when the painters start sandblasting the area to be painted to remove all of the old paint. Then they prime the area to a thickness of 10 milliliters, followed by an intermediate coat and two top coats.

It can take months, depending on the size of the area. For the most part, however, "we're hoping to get 25, 30 years of life out of this paint job," said Bauer.

Kacey James (Author of Bridges to Cross, Secrets to Bare)

It depends on which part of the bridge is being painted and how exposed it is to the elements. Aaron Kozlowski, chief opperating engineer at the Golden Gate Bridge. It's the bridge's unique ring tone, created by four fog horns using 80 pounds of air pressure to blast decibels of sound. With a range of up to six miles, it's activated when it's too foggy for ships' crews to see the bridge. Of course, it's a backup: Ships have their own GPS systems, and specially trained local ship's pilots direct the large container ships through the strait.

But no one wants to take a chance with the damage large ships could do to the bridge. The bridge staff tried to use automated systems to turn on the fog horns, but the salt air damaged the equipment. McVeigh and his fellow ironworkers, the so-called "Cowboys of the Sky," have that responsibility.

McVeigh has lost count of how many troubled souls he's been called to rescue over the past 17 years. If people aren't willing to listen to police officers, they send the ironworkers out to go over the rail and get them. In September in , the bridge started constructing a suicide deterrent system , also known as the safety net, to keep people from jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. While it's designed to catch people who try to jump off, its very existence becomes a deterrent, bridge officials said. Actually, it has two, both written by Joseph P.

Strauss, who submitted preliminary sketches for the Golden Gate Bridge in and served as chief engineer during construction. He attended the official opening of the bridge to automobile traffic in May 28, but died the following May of coronary thrombosis in Los Angeles. Read both poems at the Golden Gate Bridge's website. It's also fun to ride the ferry, which is also operated by the Golden Gate Bridge, for a ride across the strait. Just avoid rush hour.

National Park Service aficionados will enjoy a visit to Crissy Field to spot the bridge and play in the grassy area, which is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area , the second most popular NPS area in the country last year. There's farm to table cuisine nearby at the Presidio , a former military base turned National Park Service site.

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