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Tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable and valid for the stated time slot only.

Meet Father Christmas and his elves

Dogs are not allowed inside the Father Christmas tent. To help Eden provide you with the best possible service, we ask you to provide any access requirements you may have when booking your tickets. Please contact the Box Office on if you will be taking a wheelchair into the experience, as space is limited.

Meet Father Christmas and his elves. Key info Selected dates November and December This activity is part of: Christmas in Cornwall: our winter festival. Enjoy a special moment with the man in red. Meet the elves as they get ready for Christmas.

"We Are Santa's Elves" in STEREO

Hear Father Christmas tell a story by an open fire. We think this is such a lovely tradition and one that should be adopted all over the world. Such precious and short lived moments are to treasure….. A beautifully written, collection of chapters, each one covering a different aspect of the magical world. We do one chapter a night in the nights leading up to Christmas. They are only short too so a great, magical insight which can be dipped in and out or devoured in one go! You children will never be able to question the logistics again!

A staple in our household read for us on Christmas Eve just before the kids go to bed. We do the reindeer dust, put out the treats for Santa and cuddle up to read The Night Before Christmas. There are lots of versions of course and all are lovely. This is one of our copies. But our kids just love Richard Scarry. They are the kind of books that every time you read them you see something different! The children love them as there is so much to look at ad point out. The characters are a bit random and have funny names and we love that! And this version of The Night Before Christmas is just a bit different and more fun that a lot of the traditional ones.

Beautifully illustrated, a lovely picture book for 3- 8 year olds to read with their parents. In the first book we see how father Christmas became Father Christmas. In the second one we meet Mary to become Mrs Christmas and Amelia the human girl who ends up going to live in Elfhelm with father Christmas. The third book is about her first Christmas in Elfhelm and being accepted by the Elves.

For ages I would read it with them and even after that I would anyway as I love it so much! It is not only an amazing story set in a magical world, and therefore keeping the spirit and magic of Christmas alive for children for longer. A board book or younger children, a really nice take on the Christmas story, quality illustrations and small enough to pop in your handbag as a boredom busting story when you are out and about this December! One of the most famous festive stories of the last 30 years! Of course it started out as a animation and the story has come from there. We love to listen to the audio version with the music accompanying it the one read by James Nesbitt is the best in my opinion!

But we also love to read the book and my 2 year old loves to look at the pictures as the illustrations are so beautiful considering their origination. We love Mog! Maybe because we are a cat family! And this is another good one for the littlies! Mog is not happy about the Christmas upheaval in the house! Will she ever come down from the snowy roof?! When I was a child my uncle recorded an audio tape of the story and I listened to it constantly at Christmas time.

Please let us know your favourites and share your Christmas reads with us.

Christmas elf

For a start, the word black — what is black about an Elves word or Christmas? Believe me the only black you find at the North Pole is the sky and this is full of twinkling stars!

But not because they are the latest gadget or for the sake of having. The ethos of Santa and his Elves is to give thoughtful gifts that mean a lot to children and make them feel loved and special. Often this can be one, carefully chosen toy that is perfect for that child and what pushes their excited buttons!

The spirit of Christmas is all about thinking about others, being kind, helpful and loving. So linking Black Friday with Christmas is not something that true Elves are keen to do! The third aspect is to do with the world around us. Santa and his Elves live in a secret, magical, unspoilt part of the earth, which luckily humans cannot get to. But the Elves still want to encourage humans to look after the human inhabited part of the world. And lastly, Christmas is mostly about magical memories. The letters that Santa receives like this one …that ask for non-material things are his favourite.

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Ok, he sadly cannot always deliver on the request but he does his best and where he cannot he will try to help with a gift instead. So we Elves would much prefer that instead of accepting all the Black Friday marketing blurb, instead come up with some plans for your time in December where you can spend time together as a family and feel the true spirit of Christmas together.

And why not? Especially if you have kids. I worked out that for each child, if you assume they are into the full on Christmas magic for 10 years which obviously might be more or less depending on the child. To put it bluntly. Of course my wish if for my kids to continue to watch Nativity, Elf and listen to Slade with me until we can then do the same with their children!! Of course if you have more than one child and depending on how spread out they are, you may have many more days than this.

I am lucky to have 9 years between my eldest and youngest and so I double the numbers here in terms of magical Christmas days! But there is nothing wrong with a good Christmas movie, sing song or Christmas story in November. And to those Scrooges who mutter about commercialism and companies being greedy and all that jazz; they clearly fail to see the benefits to the economy that a bit of Christmas excitement brings to the country.

If a company is doing well selling products or magical Christmas experiences, food or drink, then they in turn plough that back into the economy, which provides jobs and income, resulting in money being spent all year round and ultimately families therefore being able to have a happier Christmas! So, for me; Christmas has many far reaching benefits; doing magical experiences together with our family has far reaching benefits for the community and ultimately and fundamentally magical time with our kids has far reaching benefits for our family.

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So we want to make the most of that!! If you have little ones, please bring a sling or infant carrier. All ticketing lodging travel experience. What is the North Pole Experience? Where is the North Pole Experience located? What is the total duration of the experience?

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Best Interactive Santa Experience - Elf Town Galway

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The North’s most interactive children's animal farm experience

Can I purchase tickets to the North Pole Experience without staying the night? Are there other holiday attractions and things to do in Flagstaff during our visit to the North Pole Experience?

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