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Now Trading is puzzle , to solve it , u have to think all possibilities and enter a trade with risk vs profitability. Risk vs profitability My risk always will be dependable how profitability the setup is. So from tomorrow , i will post chart and talk about my live trading. Jan 14, am Jan 14, am. Trading can be stressful , indicators and long checklist before entering chart will make u feel confident , or make your decision harder.

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Trading with simple rules works better for me. And watching on going trade and make decision like moving to breakeven or close early seem logic for my style. My target is 20 - 25 pips perday under duration of 1 hour or less. Attached Image click to enlarge.

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It doesn't matter how price react after my 20 pips, that y i don't target more than that. Ok , Where is the loss u ask? Facebook Count. Twitter Share. We have a better chance now than we had at any point in the past He said that this was an unfortunate circumstance and that he did not expect the Narendra Modi government to reciprocate in the immediate future.

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Zahid Hussain. What I mean by this is that a classic pattern trade such as an ascending triangle can be different from another one even if they both look the same. To fully understand this pattern we have to look at where it appears what has happened before the pattern formed and what is potentially laying in wait ahead. There are many approaches to solving the trading puzzle and the concept described in this post is how I view and approach the markets. By rephrasing the problem and breaking it down into smaller chunks, a once seemingly impossible task becomes a little easier to solve.

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The traders that are successful in the long term are those that approach trading holistically and can cope with all of these aspects. Home About Contact June 26, November 5, by Sam Leave a Comment. Where should you buy and sell?

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